Kick off Meeting: Feb 23 - 25, 2014 at IHEP, Beijing.

The Center for Future High Energy Physics (CFHEP), hosted by Institute of High Energy Physics, will start its activities in Feb. 2014. CFHEP will dedicate its efforts to carrying out detailed studies on both the physics case and the design of the possible future colliders. The immediate focus will be on an electron-positron Higgs factory and a high energy proton-proton collider, based on a circular tunnel. More information regarding CFHEP can be found at This symposium is the kick-off meeting for CFHEP. There will be a day of public events on Feb 23, highlighting new physics opportunities after the discovery of the Higgs. It will feature a panel discussion at Tsinghua University with panelists Nima Arkani-Hamed, David Gross, Gerard 't Hooft, Joseph Incandela, Luciano Maiani, Hitoshi Murayama, Yifang Wang and Edward Witten, moderated by Shing-Tung Yau, on the topic of "After the Higgs Discovery: Where is Fundamental Physics Going?". A two-day workshop (Feb 24 - 25) will then be held at IHEP, focusing on the physics case for future circular colliders, as well as discussions on how to synchronize the domestic theoretical particle physics effort with the planning and designing of future circular machines. We hope you will join us to begin a discussion of these issues and we are looking forward to a fruitful year of CFHEP activities in 2014!

Meeting: Dec 16 - 17, 2013 at IHEP, Beijing.
Announcement of the Workshop on Future High Energy Circular CollidersDecember 16-17, 2013Beijing, ChinaThe Workshop on Future High Energy Circular Colliders will be held during December 16-17, 2013, at the Institute of High Energy Physics, Beijing, China.The ProgramThe workshop will bring together people interested in high energy circular e+e- colliders as a Higgs factory as well as future high energy circular pp colliders beyond the LHC energy frontier, and will discuss critical issues for accelerator development and detector design, theoretical aspects of Higgs precision measurements, and the physics potential of pp colliders at 50-100 TeV.
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The registration is open until November 30, 2013. The registration fee is 900 RMB, covering meeting materials, lunches, a banquet, and coffee breaks. The registration fee must be paid in Chinese RMB at the registration desk on-site. Please note that the credit card payment cannot be accepted.VisaIf you need a Chinese visa to attend this workshop, you can follow the instruction provided at the registration page to request a Visa Notification Letter to be used for the visa application at the embassy or a consulate of China.
Mid Oct. gathering at IAS.