Visitor Policy
We whole heartedly welcome and strongly encourage everyone who would like to contribute to the planning of the future of HEP to join our studies. At the same time, it is crucial to maintain a strong connection to the local effort in China. For this purpose, the Center hosts an active visitor program. To effectively facilitate the physics study and accommodate the need of participation at different levels, we established two categories within the visitor program.

1) Long term visitors. Contact
A long term visitor is someone who can visit the center for more than a month. We expect such visitors to play key roles in the physics studies, including leading topical study groups, organizing center lecture and short term visitor program. We expect to have 3-5 long term visitors at the center at any given time. Although we strongly encourage continuous presence at the center, splitting the visit into two separate trips can be considered in principle. To maintain a continuous presence, we especially encourage visiting the center during the school year.
For long term visitors, one international travel (for each stay of more than a month) and local expenses (lodging and meals) can be reimbursed. If a stay is split into two trips. In this case, the travel expense of only one of them (the second trip) will be covered. Support is also available for local expenses of students affiliated with the long term visitors.
Solicitation of long term visitors is in progress. If you are interested, please let us know.

2) Short term visitors.
The Center also welcome visits for a shorter term. The duration is flexible. Coordination with the organizers and long term visitors are strongly encouraged. Local expenses will be covered for short term visitors. Graduate students count as short term visitors.

Visitor information:
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