Xiaojun Bi <>

Yu-Feng Zhou <>

Possible topics (possible contributors)

1. CEPC:

  • Dark matter



1. Rayleigh dark matter

2. DM with inelastic dipole


Higgs invisible decay

Dark matter loop search

  • Baryogenesis

Electroweak precision

Higgs precision

New particles with EW charges

CP violation in tau and bottom

2. SPPC:

  • Dark Matter


1. Effective operators (should be used only for comparing colliders)

2. Simplified models

1) How the mediators couple to quarks
2) Higgsino
3) Wino

3. Weak-bremsstralung from dark matter

Dark matter only coupled to third generations

  • Baryogenesis:

CP violation in top

Higgs self-couplings

New particles modifying the Higgs potential